"There are two lasting gifts we can give our children.
One is roots, the other is wings."

29. mars 2014

Wedding memory!

In connection with the wedding of my brother and sister in law, I chose to create a wedding memory to them as a gift. The result was awesome and the gift was well received. It's not going so well until the pictures, but in the part of the bouquet, it's much small niggling and many shades of colors.

START: 21.07.2013

FINISH: 18.09.2013

Decorating candles!

Sometimes it's good for a change in things to make. For Christmas a few years back I decided, therefore, to decorate some pillar candles. The lights are inexpensive to buy, and so are the decorations if you are good to think economically.

White pillar candles with autumn leaves with crayon on the back. The gray "ribbon" around, I melted into the light.
White pillar candles with pressure from napkins. The subject is cut out of a napkin also melted into the light. 
White pillar candles with pressure from napkins. The subject is cut out of a napkin also melted into the light.
White pillar candles with small flowers that you normally use when scrapbooking.

Purple pillar candles with small flowers that you normally use when scrapbooking.

Birth memory!

This was a christmas gift for a good friend of mine. A birth memory to her two beautiful children. Simple and quick embroidery packages from Dimensions.

Advent calendar (Size: 50 x 70 cm)

Yet another big project, this time from a lady on the west coast who wanted an advent calendar for their child. She had just begun on this, but it turned out quickly that she had neither the patience or skill to completely get this port. I took the job, and ended with a properly so great calendar as she sat immensely appreciated.

START: 15.10.2013

FINISH: 28.11.2013

28. mars 2014

Christmas tablecloth (BIG)!

This was one of the biggest projects of mine. I got this assignment from a I know. She did not even have the opportunity to embroider, as the sight was not as good anymore. I was about to give up occasionally, but I should have it ready for Christmas that year. Here is a picture of the beginning to the end.


Crochet lanterns by homemade style!

I am one of those who have learned to crochet from links on www.youtube.com. I've always liked to keep busy with various hobbies, and are constantly looking to learn something new. Recently, there has been interest in just crocheting, who have taken my time. Here are the lights that I crocheted for christmas as gifts for family and friends.

4. september 2011

Birthday bear!

I'm on a new cute little embroidery. This time it's a little bear with som balloons, and toys surrounded him. I've been waiting to make this one for a while, but since I'm waiting on two projects I just started this one instead.

START: 01.09.2011


FINISH: 01.11.2011

26. juli 2011

Christmas projects!

These are some of the Christmas decorations I have made. I love Christmas, so it's perfect with cross stitch pictures, or a Christmas tree mat is actually made ​​yourself. I find much joy in these homemade products, you know you have spent a long time and you know it will be appreciated.

A little piece of my christmas tree mat. It was a horrible piece of work. It was an endorsed pattern, but still there were several differences between the endorsement, the pattern and the picture that followed.

This is the advent calendar I made for my son. Took me about 1 month to do it. I had problems with my arms at the same time. But it was much MUCH work with it. But still it was for my son!
This is my first christmas cloth for living room table. Got good memories from being proud to have made it all on my own when I was 16 years old.

This was one of the first really big projects.

A little christmas card, one of MANY!

Baptism / birth records!

These are some past projects. They are made as gifts or orders.

This is a birth record that I made for my own son.

A baptism clock string I made on an order.

A baptism clock string I made as a gift for a friend of mine.

A baptism clock string I also made as an order for a friend of mine.